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Thursday, 8 September 2016

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

We have moved

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Friday, 15 July 2016

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We have a new website, this is where all of our posts will be going from now on so Please check it out! Thanks for your support: - new site

Quick update: We have Moved

Anyone who has been missing out content do not panic, we have been working hard on building up a website for you to get a much better experience when visiting us! It will not be long until the site is up and a link will go up first of all on this blog :) please stay tuned and thanks for all of the great support, your support is the reason we are able to make the step from a blog to a website.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Euro 2016: 3 Frenchmen we need to see in the Premier League

With France making the final of Euro 2016 in their home country, I thought I'd take a look of 3 of their most valuable players who don't play in the Premier League at the moment that we would love to see. The French team is of course full of talent so we will be taking a look at some of those who would fair well in the Premier League.

1. Antoinne Griezmann.
Star of the show with regards to goals so far, he looks certain to win the golden boot of Euro 2016, and is in inspired form. His goal scoring has hugely helped France get to the stage they are at in the competition. His pace and work rate are his best attributes and it certainly looks like he would be able to adapt his talents to the Premier League. I think he'd suit Arsenal best out of the Premier League clubs, maybe Tottenham if they were looking. No matter what side he goes to he is certainly a player who needs to at some point be playing in the Premier League, just so we can all see what he is capable of. He would be a fantastic addition as he would be immediately competing to be one of the best players in the League, which would improve the performances of other contenders as they put their heart and soul into being the best.

2.Paul Pogba
A move which may well be happening. Paul Pogba's move from Juventus to the Premier League has been long awaited and this summer could finally be on the cards. A fantastic young talented midfielder with many skills under his belt. He is linked with Manchester United and would certainly liven up their particularly dull midfield. His ability to pick out a pass as well as having an incredible shot is something he can adapt to the Premier League to meet the fast pace. Although he hasn't really hit his full potential yet and with the Premier League being highly competitive, he may not be as good as everyone thinks he would be. There is no doubt however that he has talent and a move to the Premier League could be the best way to adapt that talent and build on his potential.

3 Blaise Matuidi.
Another incredible midfielder who would be marvellous in the Premier League, is PSG's Matuidi. The defensive midfielder is particularly strong with his high work rate making him one of the most energetic midfielders in the France side. The reason he needs to come to the Premier League is to build on this and be breaking down some of the best players in the world who are playing in the Premier League. With the potential exit of Nemanja Matic at Chelsea I feel Matuidi would be the perfect replacement and would fit in well at Chelsea. His ability to breakdown play and find key passes would be essential next to a more creative Cesc Fabregas and the pairing could be a great one.

France look favourites to win this years European Championships, but looking on from that it would be great to see some of their squad gracing the Premier League next season or in seasons to come. Hopefully some moves go through which improve the Premier League, as it needs a return to former glory, and some of the players coming in could aid towards that.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Review on exit: Gareth Bale

Last night we saw Wales leave Euro 2016 in the Semi final stage, after a magnificent performance from them. One of their stand out performers has been Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale who impressed from the start with 3 goals in his first 3 group games, but just how good was his tournament ?

Bale came out with intent from the off getting a goal from a free kick against Slovakia. It was from then that we knew Wales weren't just coming to make up the numbers, Gareth had helped his side to being top of the group after one game after England's draw with Russia. This boosted Welsh confidence massively as it proved that the Welsh could do it. They went on to finish top of the group with Bale getting another 2 huge goals for his side, and his presence on the pitch was giving hope to the players and fans alike. It almost seemed like seeing him on their side made the Wales players want to play better.

His tournament wasn't a complete success however, at some times he struggled, not really through fault of his own but sometimes he went unnoticed because of the ability that the Welsh team had. Every player was passionate and up for the challenge and Chris Colemans tactics were spot on throughout the tournament ! This took away from Bale as an individual as the nation began to comment on the strength and passion of their team,

There is no questioning Bales desire, he is as is evident incredibly proud to be Welsh and he puts his heart and soul into it. It's fair to say he had a fantastic tournament and him and his team probably deserved to go all the way to the final, they were stopped however by w strong Semi final performance from Portugal and no criticism should be made of their display, they had a fantastic unexpected run and it really helps the nation, things are looking bright now for the future of Wales FC.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Euro 2016: Wales V Portugal preview: The verge of something Special.

We've made it this far. The semi finals of Euro 2016 are to kick off tonight with Wales in action against Portugal, after nearly a month of football we are nearly reaching the end. I'm going to be taking a look at both teams chances of winning, before the big game tonight.

We all know their story, and what a fantastic one it is too. They're coming in to uncharted territory now having made this Semi Final and will be looking to progress even further against a weakened Portugal side. They go into the game without Aaron Ramsey which could be a huge blow for their chances and I guess tonight we shall see just how vital he is for them. They must rely on Gareth Bale to light up the pitch tonight as they could struggle if he is having an off day. As has been proven however, Wales are far from a 2 man team, they have strength all over the pitch and everyone will be looking to perform to send their country through to the final. They have arguably one of the most passionate sides ever seen by a home nation, and have really set new boundaries for any of the home nations for tournaments to come.

So, How can they win it?
For me Wales must simply keep doing what they have been doing if they are going to win, and that's sticking to the game plan. Coleman has managed his tactics tremendously so far this tournament and his players trust him. So tonight they will be looking to play good football in at their feet when they need it, defending as a defensive and midfield unit, and looking for Bale as an outlet to begin to create chances for a Wales side capable of doing damage.

Surprisingly, not being outright favourites for this game, I feel Portugal have nothing to fear tonight. They have done extremely well to be in the position they are after an unconvincing tournament, but all it could take is one strong performance tonight and they've made it to the final. I think we are all expecting something big off Christiano Ronaldo and for me if he wants to show he is the best, he must perform on the biggest stage. Winning this tournament would mean a lot to him as he is an incredibly passionate player. Portugal do not however just rely on him, they have an incredibly strong midfield and a defence capable of stopping Wales in their tracks, before this tournament began they would be out and out favourites to win this game, but as Wales have shown their strength, and Portugal haven't been playing their best football, things are different.

How can Portugal win?
One important thing which could help Portugal is if they Started Quaresma, he hasn't had the most play time in this tournament but when he has featured he has looked sharp and dangerous, and has come out with real intent to cause problems. I think this is Portugal's chance. I think that tonight they will come out and finally arrive at this tournament with a great footballing display, if not, serious questions have to be asked of their managerial staff. If you can't perform at this level you don't deserve to get to this level, especially for some of the World class players Portugal have.

Overall I do not think this game is out of Wales reach, both teams could win and it should be an exciting fixture. Portugal will be looking to silence critics and a good performance for them is vital, its what everyone wants to see, because to many at the moment it doesn't look like they deserve to be where they are. Good luck to Wales and good luck to Portugal, lets hope for plenty of goals.