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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Manchester United: Why it won't be plain sailing for the Special One.

The arrival of Mourinho has led to many people speculating big things for Manchester United, some fans hinting at challenging for the title. It won't be easy for United however, they have really struggled since the departure of Alex Ferguson and haven't really filled that gap yet with someone capable of what he spent so long building up. Mourinho will find it hard, and here's why.

1. The Premier League is changing
If there is one thing we have seen from Transfers so far this season it is that The Premier League is having an overhaul. I think this is going to be the biggest window yet for Premier League clubs, with huge amounts of money already being spent on top players. Manchester United have began to build and spend too but even clubs like Crystal Palace are throwing huge bids on high profile players, which you usually wouldn't see because of the big TV deal coming into place for this campaign. It should make for an incredibly exciting season with many teams with much higher quality, meaning there could possibly be another surprise winner come next May. All of this means Mourinho may not be used to such competitive games every fixture, and he could struggle with this, like he did in his short time at Chelsea last season.

2. Plenty of Special Ones this season
Another thing for Mourinho to consider and Manchester United fans to think about is some of the names which will be managing in the Premier League next season. There's Guardiola in charge of a very strong City side, Conte buidling a Chelsea outfit to challenge for the title, Klopp's first full season at Liverpool, and the ever present ever Stubborn Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. 4 top managers who will be putting their all into securing Champions League football and competing for the title itself. That is without thinking about last years Champions Leicester and a young Tottenham side who are capable of great things. Mourinho needs to be careful with what he promises because the strength in depth in the Premier League this coming season is going to be incredible, and no team will be taking it lightly.

3. His squad
Another thing for Mourinho to consider is his team, which obviously he will be on top of. It isn't looking particularly strong at the moment even with new additions who may struggle to adapt to the fat pace of the Premier League. If you ask me, this is going to be Ibrahimovic's toughest test, and i don' think hes up to it personally. Time will tell. United really do need to sort out a jumbled team with a variety of players playing out of position. They need a structure and a game plan which they haven't clearly had for a few seasons now. Hopefully Mourinho has one, and can restore United to their former glory, but it wont be easy.

Overall I really would like to see Manchester United restored and go on to win the Premier League, but I think they are a long way from that at the moment and have a lot of work to do. If they could possibly do that within a season it would be fantastic, but unfortunately I cant see them doing so! only time will tell and we can see just how good Mourinho really is with probably his toughest challenge yet.

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