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Saturday, 18 June 2016

After Spain win again, BPL Vs La Liga

After Spain comfortably beat struggling Turkey 3-0, I am going to be taking a look at just how the La Liga is such a stand out league, and whether the Premier League can be compared to it, and how it's affecting the National teams for both sides.

1. Money
Unfortunately, as with many things in football nowadays, money is a key factor in determining the success of some clubs, both in England and Spain. Real Madrid boast being currently the richest club in the world, and Barcelona aren't far off them. Not only does this help the sides recruit the top players, but also build their home grown talent to a scale unseen in the Premier League. The Premier League still has an incredible amount of money amongst its ranks, but where we are struggling, is failing to produce world class home grown talent, England have began to import their talent, with it being cheaper, which often has an impact on the national team. Despite some players in England becoming very good at what they do, there isn't one stand out player for England where you would identify them as being world class. In comparison, Spain has a handful of players who are definitely world class, players like Sergio Ramos, Iniesta, Pique players who have won at every level, and that's certainly lacking in England at the moment.

2. the competition
Despite some opposition to this statement, generally the Premier League is a much more competitive league than La Liga, particularly within the last 4 seasons. Which is evident from 4 different sides winning the league in 4 seasons. Something which hasn't happened in any other major European country. Which has both its positive and negative effects. Positiviely it allows for English players to develop at the highest level, striving their ability to work hard and compete in order to win.The downside of this however is often English players are overlooked for foreign stars who can come in and do the job better, so have more success than English players.Players like Edin Hazard and before that Christiano Ronaldo. This is different in comparison to Spain because instead of being overlooked, the biggest Spanish names go to the biggest Spanish club, because there isn't such a desire for huge talent, only by a few large clubs who can then train the players and put them in the Champions League to improve, making their national side very strong as players are already used to performing on such a big stage, that experience goes a long way.

3.The chemistry
The final thing which dramatically helps for Spain is that the majority of their players play for the same clubs, week in week out. This is similar to Germany,also a very strong national side. many English players are dotted all over the Premier League, granted their are quite a few spurs players in this England set up but that's the only club who seem to be believing fully in their English players. The chemistry between players makes their game better, they know exactly what each other are capable of and where they are going to be.

Overall both leagues have their strengths, the BPL is such a highly viewed league it would suggest it's better than La Liga, but La Liga sides won both European trophies this season, meaning they've won both European trophies for three years in a row now, so they must be doing something better than Premier League sides, but for me, the bpl is the best league in the world. Let me know what you in think in the comments or on Twitter !

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