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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

EFL fixture release: 3 reasons to get excited for the Championship

The Championship in England is often a league of drama, intense battles and high scoring games. As teams compete for a place in England's top flight of football. The championship this season is lining up to be particularly tasty, here's why.

1. The most competitive ever
After last season's Premier League, 3 big clubs were relegated. In all this has led to the Championship having one of its strongest line ups ever seen before. With around 12 of it's 20 teams previously playing at Premier League level. This shall lead to some huge games for all clubs involved, and there should be some great matches. Also there are two Champions League winning manager's in the Championship now in Roberto Di Mateo and Rafael Benitez, adding to the pot another factor of why some teams may fair better than others.

2. The TV
The new TV deal will also hugely benefit Championship clubs, for example the teams who were relegated from the Premier League received 80 million pounds for doing so. This money as well as increased money for bigger clubs in the championship allows for a higher quality of players to be purchased. Many people don't agree with the TV deal but it obviously has it's benefits as well as it's drawbacks.

3. Most of all, the talent.
The main attraction of the Championship and football league in general for me is some of the young English talent we see come through sides every year. Most notably last season players like Leeds United's Lewis Cook. Players with real intent on helping their side. Also due to many Championship sides perhaps being older clubs, the fans are incredibly passionate about their team, following them up and down the country in their thousands and some of the photos and videos you see are incredible. This makes the Championship an incredible League to follow, the football is good and so are the fans, nothing more you could want.

So to summarise. The Championship is certainly a great and passionate league full of great supporters and clubs all looking to make the break to top flight football. As the season unfolds we will see new stars and performers and just who can break off into the Premier League for the season after.

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