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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Euro 2016: English football improving?

With England crashing out of Euro 2016, I thought I'd take a look at the state of English football at this current moment in time, is it good? Is it bad? Or is it laughable! Let's take a look.

1.leagues more competitive than ever.
One thing which is surely a positive for English football is how competitive all professional English leagues are becoming. In my opinion it looks like the championship is in for its most competitive season ever next season, with some huge teams down there like Newcastle and Aston Villa, as well as many of the big clubs already stuck in England's 2 level of football. This is hugely advantageous as it attracts better games, better atmosphere and better player development at a competitive level ! This will hugely help out players as they develop through their careers as they will have a higher workfare to put in a strong performance, after some incredibly competitive lower league performances.

2.dont underestimate in the cup
Another important thing for bigger clubs to consider, which is fantastic for smaller clubs, is how in a cup game levels of football sometimes aren't that far apart, and more often we are seeing smaller clubs upsetting bigger ones. This is hugely beneficial for the English game as it shows development of lower league clubs and how they can compete at a high level. Not so great for the bigger team but ah well!

3. The players performances
As for English players, performances have been rather good in recent times. We had an English top two in the premier league goals coring table this season which is brilliant for the national side. Another benefit to this of course being it allows for competitive nature between English players to show them that they can do it and they can be top BPL goal scorer if they work hard enough.

Another benefit to the current set up of English players is many showing great potential are particularly young, players like John Stones and Marcus Rashford. Who are showing such great potential for their age. In my opinion we are still very far from other great national teams, but keep producing young talent who can only get better and we may begin to catch up with some of Europe's powerhouse teams. With such great players playing in the Premier League, English players absolutely thrive, and they need to be oven the opportunity to do so, so we should definitely encouraged bringing more through in the future.

Overall I think England's football scene will need to pick itself up after a poor performance in Euro 2016, much needs to change to the national set up to make it much stronger. However,things are slowly looking up for English football. The new tv deal will have its benefits and drawbacks but I'm sure with another season vast approaching we will be looking forward to it all !! Let me know what you think about the state of English football at the moment down below ! Thanks .

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