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Friday, 24 June 2016

Euro 2016: my prediction of the winner.

We are now in the last 16 of Euro 2016, she stage is set for the knockout phase of the tournament to begin. I've decided now is the time that I want to cast my opinion on who is going to win it and why. I don't know if this is going to happen obviously but from my eyes. this country has the biggest chance.

My winners are Germany. They look an incredible force and despite Spanish dominance with regards to European football like the Champions League and Europa League, I think this Germany team is better combined than the Spanish team. Here's why.

1. Squad of stars
One Reason why I think Germany will win Euro 2016 is because of the strength in their squad. Every member bar a couple play at the highest level. Many of them have one the World cup together. Many win the Bundesliga every season together at Bayern Munich and a select few have one the Champions League. These players are used to winning, and rightfully so as they have performed incredibly well to do so.

If you thought the individuals were good, the way they work as a team is even better. Players like Toni Kroos, not known for his speed or work rate, out ran every play on the pitch in Germany's first game, he was in inspired form. Every player in the squad wants the ball at their feet and works hard when they've got it, making them incredibly difficult to intercept or break down. The Germany   defence is also incredibly experienced and very strong, as well as having Manuel Neuer in goal making it very difficult for teams to score.

3. Confidence
Germany have no reason to fear losing, this is also another huge factor, they've won the World Cup and since then German players have dominated domestic football. Why should they feel they are going to lose? they have no reason to play with fear and no reason to feel fear against opponents.

I think Germany will win this years tournament, however I'd love to be proven wrong, other teams winning would be magnificent for them! Obviously there are so many teams still in contention and I'd like to see someone else win, but Germany has such a strong squad, I can easily see them winning. Let me know in the comments below who you think will win and who you want to win!

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