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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Germany to win Euro 2016?- what are their chances

This young talented Germany side burst on the scene in 2014 winning the World Cup in Brazil. Since then they have been the instigators for change in other national set ups offering further opportunities for young players. There is no doubt that they have an incredibly talented squad but is it a team capable of taking the title. I shall be looking at if they can do it or if they will struggle.

1. Easy
When Germany get in control of a game they make it look easy. They are a very strong passing side who once in possession are hard to stop. It takes an incredibly formidable opponent to knock them from their stride and lead them to playing a different style of football. The passing game is the A plan and it takes a strong performance to knock them from this. Whilst keeping to this plan they also create chances and score, seeking out defensive mistakes or any lack of concentration by players and they look to exploit that. This factor would suggest they could win the tournament because the strength in their squad means mistakes are few and far between.

2. depth
As I previously mentioned, Germany have an incredibly strong line up, not only do they have a strong starting 11 but subs and reserves are also incredibly strong. This allows for a great amount of rotation to meet the requirements of any opposition they face. It does however make the team selection incredibly difficult as so many players stand out, but as any manager will tell you this isn't a bad thing. When you have 3 or 4 players who can all offer the same thing in most positions on the field you can easily rotate allowing for fresher legs and to work out exactly how you want play without the worry of a weak link

3. What may stop them
The 2014 world cup winners could be stopped by what stopped England from winning last night. Teams who turn up to defend and only counter attack to release pressure and hope they can grab a goal. Poland prevented Germany from scoring well in their 0-0 draw and any one chance to come their way could've led to them taking all 3 points. Germany must be aware of this, they do boast one of the strongest defences in the tournament however so it will take a lot to beat.

My opinion
There is no doubting that Germany are capable of winning. Part of me can see them winning it easily be another part doesn't want them too. I want their to be a shock in who wins this year, a rising talent. Although Germany have more talent than some nations behind so they could take it. As long as they do so in exciting fashion I can't wait to see the drama unfold.

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