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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Euro 2016, after the first group games who is on top.

After the first round of all group stages matches, we have been given an idea of who could be in contention to take this years title, many teams impressed within their first game but not all came alway with three points, I'm going to be taking a look at some of the sides who look capable of victory this summer,but still have some areas to improve, if they are infect going to be victorious.

1. Germany
Undoubtedly Gernany were going to get a mention in here somewhere, so why not start with them. They did indeed impress writhing their first game, gaining 3 points from a 2-0 victory with Ukraine. Some individual performances portrayed title winning talent within the game including the dominent midfield display from German Toni Kroos, who completely controlled the tempo of the game in midfield with his presence, combined with Ozil's eye for an assist And Thomas Muller's eye for goal Germany look a strong force, one which opposition may struggle to contain over the coming matches. In spite of this, the world champions didn't dominate as much as they would have liked too, there were times when Ukraine could have caused an upset, but the sign of a great team is getting 3 points even when you aren't playing your best football, and that's exactly what Germnay did.

The Spanish began their defence of the European crown with a 1-0 win over Czech Republic, a very mixed performances which saw Sergio Ramos and co come away with the best possible outcome, but during a strong passing performance for Del Bosquets side, Spain did struggle to generate real chances, and against more structured better quality teams this may comeback to bite them, but obviously the first match only sets the tone, after a few more games they may show their experience and begin to take chances and assert their dominance over other teams.

France similarly to Spain boasted particularly strong assets in their game, they were the eventual winners in an exciting Euro 2016 opening game with a 2-1 victory over Romania. With Payet scoring the winning goal things were looking good for France, however they didn't look this dominant throughout this display. Defensively at times they looked stranded against a Romania team who were passionate and committed about everything they did. They could've taken the lead very early on but failed to capatalise on a golden opportunity, which could've altered the outcome of the game incredibly. France looked strong going forward, but the back four lacked chemistry between each other, and a world class striker may utilise this.

Overall, after one game it is hard to tell who is going to take the title, but these 3 sides are certain contenders for winning this years, combined with outsiders like Italy and Croatia, but with many team still playing strong football anyone could win, making the tournament so interesting due to each teams competitive nature. We can only hope that the rest of this tournament is remembered for fine football and goal scoring rather than the violence which has marred certain matches so far.

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