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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Video replay in the EPL?

The Premier League, one of if not the biggest league in the world, still consistent mistakes. Consistent mistakes in how in game decisions are made in within seconds of an incident happening, with only one view of the incident and nothing else. Should video replaying be allowed in the Premier League to be used as a review system for big decisions ? I think so, here's why.

One problem with refereeing at the moment, and this is no fault of the referees themselves, but, what one referee may consider to be a red card in one game may not be perceived to be a red card for another ref in another game. Its clear to see that this is unfair, surely there should be an even playing field around all referees decisions and there shouldn't be different perceptions. Video replaying would allow for this, a group of referees could review the decision and come to a fairer judgement. At the moment teams are having players suspended for some things when some players and being suspended more incidents twice as bad, and that isn't fair at all.

Another reason why video analysis should be introduced into the game situation is because it's already there, every weekend we as fans sit back and watch replays of incidents and highlights and zoomed in different angle shots on every tackle or decision , surely a ref seeing all of these angles will allow him to make a much better judgement. Why not let a team access this information and pass it on to him. It is essentially already in the game just the referee, the one ultimately who makes the decisions, is the last one too see it, surely this is wrong.

Overall the decision to bring in video technology is probably a much needed one and soon ! Before more incidents take place and wrong decisions or unfair decisions are being made. As I said before though no fault of the referee, I feel they should be given as much support as possible, in order to make the right decision.

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