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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Euro 2016: How will sunday's big clubs fair.

3 Favourite's this seasons Euro 2016 tournament play today, and after yesterday looking at how the slightly lower ranked teams may be able to beat the higher ranked, it's now time to see how the favourite's can stop this from happening, and how each individually can win they're fixtures today.

1. France
The home nation for this tournament go up against Ireland in today's 2pm kick off, they will be looking to put in a good performance in order to progress to the next stage of the tournament. One of their strongest assets is Dimitri Payet, he has impressed in the Premier League this season and is also showing his strength so far this tournament for France. He is going to have to play well against an Ireland side who will be looking to mark him and stop him finding space, Payet thrives off of space and freedom, He is the key to France unlocking Ireland later on today. They also show great strength with regards to the depths in their squad. Their defence midfield and attack are all incredibly capable and filled with world class players. They also boast incredible youth players, such as Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, who has been performing well both domestically and for his country. If they utilise his Strengths, as well as Payet's ability to attack, they should, with the quality they have, easily overpower Ireland.

As I have said before in posts, I back Germany to win this summer's tournament. They have the best squad depth in my opinion and if they utilise this like they did in the World Cup in 2014, there is no reason why they can't win again. With possession being one of Germany's main footballing tactics, the strength in their squad means Germany have the ability to out pass opposition, not allowing them any time on the ball by keeping it for themselves and dominating the pace of the game. They also have the back up of one of the best defences and goalkeepers in the world at this current moment in time. Combining the two they become an incredible force, one so difficult to be taken advantage of. If they get chances they can get goals, with many attacking players in their squad capable of causing problems. If they can get hold of the ball and dominate, its going to be difficult for even the best teams to beat them.

For me, Belgium are one of the most exciting teams at this summer's tournament. Some of their players are on another level of good. A personal favourite for me within the Belgium squad is creative midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. Belgium got off to a particularly slow start with a group stage defeat against Italy, but since then have shown what they are capable of and why they aren't here just to make up numbers. I think De Bruyne's creativity is going to be key for Belgium if they are going to a beat a surprising Hungary side. Another factor which they need to utilise is the strength in their defence. They have very capable defenders who have performed consistently throughout this last Premier league season in Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweirald. If these two can perform well together again I think they will be very difficult for Hungary to break down, which could limit the oppositions chances.

Overall I see no reason why these sides can't all win today. They have the stronger squads in comparison to their opposition, but this is what makes them favourites. They will still all have to prove their quality on the pitch in Today's fixtures in order to come out victorious. I have every faith in them.

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