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Friday, 17 June 2016

Euro 2016, Potential Premier League signings, who to look out for.

Some players at this years tournament are either signing for Premier League clubs this summer or at the moment are heavily linked, so I thought I'd take a look at some of these players, and see how they are performing at the tournament, and see just where they can fit in to the Premier League side they're linked with or signing for.

1. Granit Xhaka
Swiss midefielder Xhaka will be signing for Arsenal when the summer window opens. He has impressed in his first two games at the Euros, picking up man of the match in both games. He is a strong holding midfielder, who sits rather deep picking out importance passes. He ha already played an important part in a surprisingly strong Switzerland side, could he be the player to stabilise the Arsenal midfield? could he be the signing to guide them to a Premier League title?

2. Alvaro Morata
The Spanish striker is only merely linked with Chelsea and Arsenal, but with Italian Giants Juventus saying they wont be renewing their loan or signing the forward if given the chance by Real, it suggests the forward is up for sale. Morata has a habit of scoring important goals in important games, helping Juventus into the Champions League final most notably in the 2014-15 campaign. He hasn't particularly impressed at the Euros so far, he has much to improve upon, but the advantage of signing such a player is at the age he is, being only 23, he has much to learn as he matures into his centre forward role.

3.Milan Badelj
Some what unknown, the Croatian midfielder has been part of a strong squad in Euro 2016, and Croatia have been impressive so far, leading them to being outsiders to winning the tournament. Badelj however hasn't been a name that rings any particular bells for me with regards to his performances so far in this usmmers tournament, but with interest from Tottenham, with the player rated at £12 million, he could be a player to look out for.

4. Antoine Griezmann
With interest shown from Arsenal and more recently Chelsea, the young forward has risen at Atletico Madrid and will be looking to impress in the upcoming games for France within this tournament. An incredibly hard working and particularly prolific striker, he could fit in at both clubs, although maybe with his slight lack of strength, could struggle to adapt to the Premiere League. He would be a great asset for any PL club however and is certainly one to look out for, could he be gracing the Premier League next season?

Overall there are obviously many players on display at Euro 2016 looking to secure a move to a bigger club. Playing well is key to any teams successes at tournaments like this, and as we saw with star James Rodriguez at the 2014 World Cup, can lead to a player dramatically improving his career. Many players playing in the tournament I'm sure will move to the Premier League, but the 4 I've picked out are just some players to watch over the next month, to get excited about next season.

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