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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Euro 2016: review on exit, Luka Modric

After Croatia miss out on a position in the last 8 of Euro 2016, we take a look at how Luka Modric performed for his country throughout the tournament, and what influence his play had on Croatia getting as far as they did.

At this tournament, Modric has played a strong part in a particularly strong side in Croatia. There midfield has been the most exciting element of their squad and Modric has been at the heart of that alongside Ivan Rakitic, the pair have looked strong, and have shown their great strength and ability holding Croatia together.

Modric had an immediate impact on the Croatian team as soon as the tournament began.Scoring their first goal which turned out to be the winning goal in a 1-0 victory over Turkey. His commitment to the team within this first game was unquestionable. He was always looking to make things happen, controlling the game as the Engine in the Croatian midfield.

Another aspect of Modric's game which he demonstrated during the Euro's is his passion for his country. He showed this when he got particularly upset when Croatia were knocked out of the tournament. He looked gutted. This clearly shows that a big part of his game is helped by his desire and passion to play.

Overall unfortunately, Modric couldn't prevent Croatia's exit from Euro 2016, but he is still a huge player with bags of ability, who should be proud of what he produced this tournament.

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