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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Manchester City FC, who should the blues sign this summer.

With the arrival of  Pep Guardiola this summer it is undeniable that changes to the Man City squad will be made, and with the clubs money, there will probably be some big signings coming to the Etihad this summer. I'm going to take a look at where the new manager should look to strengthen if he wants to build on the already great squad that City have.

1. Improving the defence.
Man City have tried hard to fill the gap next to Vincent Kompany with a similarly capable player and shave struggled to do so. With his injury as well in the last BPL campaign they have struggled defensively. They need to fill this role with class, maybe Guardiola will look to do that.

So who would be suitable. If we are looking at a potentially huge signing, I would definitely like to see a return to Manchester City for Jerome Boateng. I think he would be a great addition to the Man City defence. He would be a great servant alongside Vincent Kompany. Although obviously it would take a tremendous offer to take the German away from Bayern Munich, but that could be the sort of signing Guardiola is looking to make, he is certainly capable of making this sort of signing.

2. A wide defender. or two.
To really be successful, every position has to be filled by a strong player. Manchester City at the moment are lacking in a class left and right back, Zabaleta is strong but getting older, and two solid full backs could provide real security for the two defenders in the middle.

Looking at the left back position I think taking another Bundesliga player in Wolfsburg's Ricardo Rodriguez could be a perfectly strong addition to the squad. He's currently showing us his capabilities in Euro 2016 for Switzerland and is impressing, and I think would definitely be open to a Premier League move this summer, to better his career particularly at Man City. He could bring security in defence as well as attacking options, which City like to do in getting their full backs forward.

As for the right back spot, one player capable of filling that spot in Guardiola's back for is Real Madrid's Dani Carvajal.  The Madrid star could possibly be moved away from the Bernabau by Guardiola, and would certainly be a great asset for the City side with experience at such a high level, winning the Champions League this season. He is younger and more technically aware, and his age means he can adapt his ability to the Premier League, and could be a terrific signing for Champions League bound City.

3. Finally, a winger.
a strong outlet winger is something that the midfield dominated Man City are looking out for. I think the perfect man for this job is Borrusia Dortmund Premier League target Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The winger impressed last season, his pace and good dribbling made him difficult to stop for opposition like Liverpool in the Europa League. He has been heavily linked back with a move to the Premier League, and in my opinion Man City is the place he would fit in the best. He is versatile and culd play a more central role if needed, but if out on the wing he is a great outlet for City, for them to set him off on a run whilst they all move forward to build an attack, something which City haven't had is a really strong wide man and Mkhitaryan could be the perfect solution.

Overall, it would obviously be highly unlikely to sign all of these players, but they have the money. They have the option to do so and even signing a couple of these players would make their side much stronger and more exciting. With many capable managers arriving in the Premier League this season, City need to spend well to have a title winning chance, and I think, signing a few players with the ability of the ones named above, they'll be off to a great start, let me know what you think in the comments.

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