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Friday, 24 June 2016

BPL Predicitions: Tottenham's chance?

After a strong season under Pochettino, finding themselves in Champions League football next season, Tottenham have exceeded all expectation. So taking a look into the 2016/17 campaign, do Tottenham have a chance of winning the Premier League? I'm going to be taking a look at a few reasons why they may or may not have chance in the next campaign.

1.Young stars
One Reason why they may be able to win the Premier League next season is due to some of the younger players in their squad who are playing incredibly well. Combined with some more experienced players who could be purchased in the transfer market, as well as players like Moussa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen, the younger players can thrive and learn from these players, making them stronger and better to compete with the top teams. Not only that but Pochettino likes to play these younger players week in week out. This in itself would give them a great boost of confidence as every week they are gaining Premier League experience, and doing it all together could lead to the youth of Tottenham becoming a very dangerous force.

2. Sign Big
I think one of the most important things which Tottenham have to do is to sign big players whilst they are in the position to do so. Strike whilst the iron is hot as they say. Signing big now will only improve the squad adding to the depth that they already have to create a real strong challenger for the Premier League title. As evident from the end of the 2015/16 campaign, when some key players are missing, results can go missing also, so big players must be signed to fill these rolls for when injury and suspension come in throughout the course of the season.

3. Too much competition
one factor which could prevent Tottenham from winning the league is the huge competition for the title this year. With new big managers at Chelsea, Man City and Man United, it could bevery dificult for Tottenham to compete for the top prize. Nevertheless the players and manager will be up for the challenge and its difficult to tell yet just how influential the new managers will be, so don't count Tottenham out yet.

Overall I think after huge progression last year Tottenham obviously are in with a shot at the title. They must remain strong and build however if they would like to compete, build strength on strength and become a powerful side which teams are going to fear. Look out for any of my predictions for other teams coming soon, and let me know in the comments which team you'd next like to see this on.

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